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A Brief History and Mission of the MCAAA

Instead of Christmas carols and gifts on December 24, 1989, Liberians were awakened to the sound of violence unprecedented, since their existence.  Following the cessation of hostilities of the seven-year fratricidal war in the West African Nation, many institutions, including schools, hospitals and religious entities, were ravaged and burned to ashes.  One of those institutions severely affected by the conflict was our beloved Monrovia College & Industrial Training Institute, Inc.  This outstanding secondary school was established in 1922 by the Late Bishop William Sampson Brooks, Presiding Prelate of the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church in the United States, assigned to West Africa. The school is presently operated by the AME Church in the Fourteenth Episcopal District, Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa.

Properties owned by Monrovia College sustained damages estimated to be over three million United States dollars. The areas badly damaged in the school were the library, Administration, and the Business Education Department.  Many of the rental properties from which the school obtained a major portion of its revenues were also badly damaged.

Realizing that the mission to rebuild the school to its pre-war status was not only the responsibility of the Administration, and heeding to the words of the School’s Ode, "Loyal we shall ever be", alumni of Monrovia College residing in the Americas resolved and organized themselves into a body known as the Monrovia College Alumni Association in the Americas (MCAAA) to form a partnership with the School's Administration in the recovery efforts.

Since the inception of the Association, there have been inquiries from graduates and former students, as well as members of the public concerning the genesis of the Association's organizational structure, eligibility of membership and meeting. It is against this background that we decided to publish the following information to answer some of the questions and help create an awareness of the MCAAA.

Do you have to pay any fees as a member?

Yes.  Membership fees of the MCAAA are at two levels.  All members of the MCAAA are required to pay an annual fee of $100.00 to the National Body.  The membership fees for the Local Chapters vary, because each chapter independently establishes program objectives of the National Body.

When is the Annual Reunion of the MCAAA?

In keeping with the tradition of the organization, the members meet annually during the first weekend of August (usually a three-day event) at a location decided upon by the general membership at the Annual Reunion.  The activities include:  welcoming reception, discussion sessions, planning sessions, reports, sporting events, social events, the Reunion Ball, and Sunday religious services and farewell cookout. 

What do we do?
Since 2012, the MCAAA has been giving direct support to the school, subsidizing the teachers’ and President’s salaries, and awarding  scholarships to many students, while assisting in capital improvement to augment the physical infrastructure of the school. The MCAAA has expanded to seven chapters and 12 states with national and local support from Monrovia.

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